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bottle-o nearbyIn Australia there are different laws in different states regarding the sales of alcohol. Some states allow alcohol to be sold in supermarkets. Others do not allow the sale of alcohol in supermarkets at all. For instance, in Victoria and New South Wales some grocery stores are allowed to sell it but for the vast majority the only place to buy a full range of alcoholic beverages is at a bottle shop.

A bottle shop sells nothing but beer, wine, and liquor. These shops are also known as the bottle-o. They are located in many convenient areas throughout Australia. These are large stores that have a warehouse appearance and stock all kinds of alcohol. Many of them sell alcohol in bulk. This means you can buy a case of wine or a case of your favorite vodka and you can get it at a discounted price.

For many people the question is where to find a bottle shop. With the help of the Internet that is easy. Simply enter bottle shop in your favourite search engine along with the location where you want to find such a shop at many results will turn up. Some of the biggest shops include Dan Murphy’s, BSW, SipNSave, Thirsty Camel, Woolworths and Cellabrations.

You can also find a location near you are drive-through service by visiting the website of the bottle shop you’re interested in shopping. These websites often have search features that allow you to find the nearest location.

The types of alcohol that you can get at these bottleo’s are practically limitless. Whatever you want, these shops have what you are looking for. Since the prices and quantities are so fair, these are the best places to shop when you need spirits and beer for a big party or get-together.

These shops also feature a huge selection of wines from every wine region in Australia. Best of all, you will find that you can buy plenty of wine for a great price. Most cases will allow you to buy a great variety of wine for a fraction of the price that you would pay for one bottle someplace else.

Even if you have a local supermarket near you that does sell alcohol be aware that you can probably get the same liquor, beer or wine at a bottle-o cheaper and faster. Many of the drive-throughs are set up so that the staff is ready to assist you with your selection and get your items to you into your car as easily as possible without any added cost.

The next time you need Bundaberg Rum or your favourite Coonawarra wine or a case full of Carlton Draught beer, consider getting it for a great price with convenience. Look up your nearest bottle-o, make your list and head out for a quick trip to pick up your purchases. Party planning and a great night out with friends are so much easier when you have a local bottle-o to shop from.

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